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We like to thank the friends from the US Virgin Islands who traveled to Aguadilla to Participate in the VII edition of the José De Diego Tournament.  It was a pleasure to see Ms. Margaret A. Murphy again an meet Mr. Reece Creswell as well all the students that visited our Island.

At the invitation of the Puerto Rican Chess Federation, the U S Virgin Islands Chess Federation Junior Chess Development Squadron travelled to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to compete in the VII Jose de Diego International Chess Tournament from April 16-19, 2020. A total of ten Virgin Islands students – two from St. Thomas and eight from St. Croix – made the trip. The VI Squadron was comprised of students from the fourth to the twelfth grade. This group’s trip was sponsored by the Chess in Schools Committee of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the VI Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation.

The tournament was a five round Swiss system using the Bucholtz tie break. After a long weekend of tough competition, four Virgin Islanders finished above tenth place in the under 1000 class: Hazel Acosta (St. Croix) in fourth, Regine Acosta (St. Croix) in fifth, Benjamin Shapiro (St. Thomas) in seventh and Lee Maynard (St. Croix) in ninth. Kayla Clendenin (St. Thomas), Lorie Jeffers (St. Thomas), Savannah Gadd (St. Croix), also played in the under 1000 class. Alex Hensley (St. Croix), Jamari Venzen (St. Croix), and Ira Phillips (St. Croix) competed in the under 1400 class. Hazel Acosta and Regine Acosta both won medals and prizes.

The VI Chess Federation has been teaching and promoting chess lessons and tournaments in the Territory for almost twenty years. Some who started out many years ago as novice chess club players have now advanced to represent the USVI at the World Chess Olympiads.
Margaret Murphy, President of the VI Chess Federation and member of the International Chess in Schools Committee traveled as coach with the team. Since 1992, she has traveled with VI Chess Federation students to Puerto Rico, Russia, Armenia, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and Trinidad & Tobago for tournaments. In the fall of 2010, the team will travel to Peru. The VI chess students have been fortunate to visit many cultures around the world and gain experience in international chess competitions.

Of the Aguadilla tournament, Reece Creswell, chess coach at both Ricardo Richards School and Country Day School said, “Our students showed a good knowledge of the game and the rules of chess. They were very competitive and did extremely well.” Reece is also a member of the VI World Chess Olympiad Team and competed, along with teammate Anthony Mongiello, in the higher class of the tournament. They are training for the World Chess Olympiad to be held in Siberia later this year. Renee Blakey served as chaperone for the team.

Murphy said that chess is an important program in the schools. “It develops critical thinking skills, builds self esteem, teaches discipline, fosters positive social skills, motivates academic achievement, and empowers the children to succeed.” Murphy and Creswell teach chess lessons on Saturdays at the Manor School in St. Croix from 10:30am to 1:30pm. These classes are offered free of charge and are open to all, regardless of skill level.

Next month, the VI Chess Federation will host an International Internet Chess Tournament, to be held on May 22, 2010 at the Manor School. This will be a unique tournament open only to novice players. They are grateful for the continued support of the community in bringing chess to the youth of Territory.

Final Ranking cross table after 5 Rounds (Under 1000)

NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
Rios Javier0PUR16s114w112s13w12w15,013,58,013,50
Morales Karolain0PUR5s122w18s16w11s04,018,010,513,00
Olavarria Yalila0PUR7s110w14w11s012s14,017,510,012,50
Acosta Hazel907USV17s115w13s08w110s14,013,58,09,50
Acosta Regine922USV2w011s117w114s19w14,013,07,59,00
Quilez Delvin0PUR9s112w½7s12s019w13,514,58,59,25
Shapiro Benjamin637USV3w018s16w020s115w13,013,07,55,50
Rios Noemis0PUR24w119s12w04s014w13,012,07,54,00
Maynard Lee589USV6w025s120w115s15s03,012,07,04,50
Vazquez Christopher0PUR25w13s021w116s14w03,012,07,04,00
Valentin Ivan0PUR13s15w014s018s116w13,011,56,06,00
Colon Christian0PUR23w16s½1w013s13w02,515,510,04,75
Garcia Victor0PUR11w021s½24w112w023s12,58,04,51,75
Hernandez Christopher0PUR-11s011w15w08s02,016,510,05,50
Quintana Christopher0PUR21w14s019w19w07s02,013,58,03,50
Gadd Savannah438USV1w023s122w+10w011s02,013,07,53,00
Nuñez Angelo0PUR4w024s15s021w025w+2,011,57,01,50
Fortis John0PUR22s07w025s111w021s12,011,07,02,50
Clendinen Kayla591USV20s18w015s023w16s02,010,56,52,00
Perez Jose0PUR19w0-19s07w024s12,010,06,53,00
Jeffers Lorie532USV15s013w½10s017s118w01,511,06,52,75
Rosado Wilfredo0PUR18w12s016s--0-01,013,57,52,00
Rivera Jonah0PUR12s016w0-119s013w01,09,06,02,50
Aquino Stephanie0PUR8s017w013s025w+20w01,09,05,51,00
Hernandez Natalia0PUR10s09w018w024s-17s-0,010,06,00,00

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