sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Tromsø wins 2014 Chess Olympiad bid!

The 41st World Chess Olympiad will be hosted by Norwegian Tromso

On its last working day the FIDE General Assembly of the 81st FIDE Congress was taking the decision on the venue of the 41st World Chess Olympiad 2014. There were two cities bidding to host the world forum – Bulgarian Albena and Norwegian Tromso. The bidding procedure lasted several days including presentations of the candidates - candidates and discussions of the issue.
As a result the majority of FIDE delegates voted for Norway as the hosting country of the 41st World Chess Olympiad 2014.

Tromsø Chess Olympics 2014 - Seven Reasons Why from HKTromso on Vimeo.

The official page of Tromso, Norway 2014 - 

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