viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Canada Endosa a Karpov - Siguiendo el elemplo de Puerto RIco

CFC buckles under enormous public pressure


''Democracy in action'', as Karpov described a similar situation in Puerto Rico earlier this summer!  The CFC Executive, coming under enormous pressure from its membership--as well as international pressure--has finally decided to declare publically its support for a candidate for the FIDE presidency later this month.  The CFC Executive has decided to support the choice of the vast majority of CFC membership--including myself--former world champion Anatoly Karpov. 

While I personally have nothing against the incumbent president Ilyumzhinov, I feel that 15 years is time enough and that the future of FIDE should begin today.

It is , however, with deep reservations that I herald this decision, no doubt taken only with great reluctance by a very embarrassed Canadian federation.  Never in the history of Canadian chess has the CFC behaved  with such shame and disgrace as in recent months. Here is the public announcement, just minutes ago posted on the CFC message board:

The following announcemnt has been approved by the CFC Executive.

Canada Chooses Change
The Chess Federation of Canada is supporting Anatoly Karpov as the next FIDE President.  The Chess Federation of Canada wishes to thank the current FIDE administration for its dedication and service. Tangible improvements have been made in the past 4 years. We believe that new leadership will serve to elevate our beloved game even further.

Hal Bond
FIDE Delegate

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