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Kirsan’s Paper-Thin Support

Source: Karpov 2010

August 8, 2010

Executive Summary:

  • Much of Kirsan’s announced support will disappear because he’s not keeping the promises he made to get it.
  • Disappointed federation leaders are coming to Karpov2010 because we can deliver.
  • Due to attacks from FIDE and Kirsan’s campaign, many federations ask we do not publicize their support of Karpov.
  • The Ilyumzhinov campaign’s numbers are a fantasy, like so much of what he says.
The battle for the presidency of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) is between challenger Anatoly Karpov, former world champion, and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the 15-year incumbent. The election will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, at the end of September. All of FIDE’s member federations have one vote to decide the next president. A division in the Cyprus federation has put the spotlight on Ilyumzhinov’s campaign tactics.
Ilyumzhinov’s campaign has issued a stream of claims of federation support, while Kirsan and his surrogates have boasted that the election is all but over in their favor. But our conversations with dozens of federations paint a very different picture. Kirsan’s claims of support are paper-thin – often based only on promises he cannot fulfill, bills he cannot pay, and outright intimidation.
Kirsan’s outlandish promises are well documented, as is his tendency to break them. Already some of the federations on Kirsan’s list are complaining that his promises of airplane tickets and other gifts have not been delivered on. Every time this happens, another federation reaches out to us and a pattern emerges. They realize there is now an alternative to Kirsan and they are looking for someone who can deliver more than words.
Many federations, some on Kirsan’s list and others officially undeclared, have shared with us their stories of the huge amount of pressure they are under from FIDE and Kirsan’s campaign. Kirsan and his agents have not hesitated to use FIDE authority aggressively to promote his candidacy. For this reason, the Karpov2010 campaign has generally ceased routine announcements when we receive a new federation endorsement. In several cases, federations have requested we withhold publicizing their support of Karpov2010 to shield them from FIDE pressure and punishment.
All of these factors describe the illusion of Kirsan’s claims of support. He can say 50, 80, or 1001 federations are with him, but the truth is slowly being revealed. We know without a doubt that the lists will look very different than they do today as more federations come into the open.
Unanimous Division in Cyprus
A brewing scandal in Cyprus illustrates the nature of Kirsan’s claims. Note the similarities of this case with the story of Kirsan’s attempts to gain the Russian nomination for president. A federation president goes against his board and produces a document of endorsement for Kirsan that a member of his own board calls illegitimate.
In a letter published at, Cyprus Federation president Christoforos Tornaritis claimed its Board took a unanimous decision to support Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for FIDE President. Immediately, a letter of protest arrived from Board member Vassilis Aristotelous, who attached a July 10 document supporting Karpov’s candidacy that was signed by 10 of 18 Board members! We produce his letter and the document below.
The letter of support for Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov sent by Mr. Christoforos Tornaritis, the president of the Cyprus Chess Federation, is grossly misleading and/or misrepresenting the true facts.
The announced “unanimous” decision has completely divided Cyprus Federation which needs all the available time, till election time in September, to decide on the matter, and such open letters of support at this stage are not only unnecessary but they are also very dangerous for the unity of the federation.
On the 12th of July, ten out of the eighteen members of the Board have indicated their preference towards the candidacy of Mr. Karpov in a signed document which is attached below. Although there was a clear majority for Karpov, the contents of this document (statement of support) was not publicized for purposes of unity of the Cyprus Federation.
In reality Cyprus Chess Federation is still deeply divided regarding who to support at the forthcoming FIDE elections. Additionally the letter – statement of support – appearing at the official site of candidate Ilyumzhinov lacks legality and official status due to the facts that it’s not printed on the official letterhead of the federation and signature of the Secretary is missing which is necessary in all official documents of the federation, according to its memorandum.
Vassilis Aristotelous
August 5, 2010
He also attached the below document, which reads:
12 July 2010
The following members of the board of the Cyprus Chess Federation we hereby state responsibly and irrevocably our support to Mr. Anatoly Karpov for the presidency of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). We also wish that this statement of support is published and candidate Mr. Karpov is notified.
1. Martides Alkis
2. Evdokiou Neofytos
3. Zacharoplastis Pambos
4. Aristotelous Vassilis
5. Poullis Yiannos
6. Poullis Marios
7. Kasinopoullos Doros
8. Theocharous Charis
9. Yiapanis George
10. Papanicolaou Phidias

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