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FIDE Elections: The Four Million Dollar Man

Source: ChessBase News  http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=6521
17.07.2010 – Anatoly Karpov played many world championship matches for millions. Now as a candidate for FIDE President he wants to bring millions to further the game. On an Asian campaign tour, Karpov announced a worldwide development package of four million dollars. He has already announced a $100,000 for Central America, and $300,000 for the Balkan region. Where will the rest go?

Karpov announces four million Dollar development package

This is the press release we received from the Karpov2010 Campaign:
After months of working closely with several major corporate sponsors, today the Karpov2010 campaign announced the results: a four million dollar worldwide chess development package. Said Karpov from Jakarta and Singapore, where he's on an Asian campaign sweep:

"This four million dollars is from commercial interests that want to invest in chess and who want to profit from our new global movement to professionally support and promote the game. We have been talking with different groups for months and wanted to make sure everything was set before making any announcements. We told them that starting this year, chess was going to be a huge opportunity with a new FIDE administration that would take commercial sponsorship seriously."
The four million dollar chess development package will be distributed over the four years of Karpov's first term as FIDE president. The arrangements now move to a regional level. Karpov has already announced a $100,000 for Central America, where he received early support. And $300,000 for the Balkan region has also been announced ($75K per year). That still leaves $900,000 per annum in the package, all of which will go to development and promotion activities.
"It is important to point out that this development program is for training, promotion, developing regional tournament networks, and other grassroots efforts," said Karpov in Singapore. "Youth chess programs and producing titled players in developing federations produce long-term benefits for the entire chess world. This package does not count sponsorship for the World Championship and other major events. Those will have their own sponsors, and we do not foresee any difficulty in supporting popular professional events. It is time to get back to the era when major corporations bid competitively to invest in chess and to break this dependency on unreliable sources. It is time to stop begging for money and to put chess back on the map, bigger and better than ever."
Richard Conn Jr. of the USA, Karpov's candidate for Deputy President of FIDE and campaigning with him in Asia, spoke about how the money would be distributed. "We are now in discussions with our regional allies to find the best way to allocate this money for maximum impact. In some areas, such as parts of Europe and Central America, negotiations are already well advanced because we have clear lines of support. We are now looking for reliable partners in South America, Asia, and Africa who can give our sponsors the performance they need – and the results our administration will demand."
Conn continued, "Anatoly's decades in top chess have given him clear ideas about promoting chess at every level, our professional partners have expertise in media and sports marketing, and, most importantly, we are also partnering with the leaders of the federations because they know the demands and opportunities of their regions."
Anyone interested in more information about can reach the Karpov2010 campaign at campaignhq@karpov2010.org.

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