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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 00:00

2010.01.30 FIDE Trainers' Commission announces start of publishing high-quality chess training materials (in English language) in the form of Trainers' Surveys, targeted at improved understanding of chess middlegames and endgames. All in downloadable/viewable pdf, doc and zipped cbv/pgn formats.
2010.01.30 Efstratios Grivas: A King's Golden Cage (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.01.30 Efstratios Grivas: The Useless Isolani (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.03.01 Adrian Mikhalchishin: Bobby and the Hedgehogs (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.03.01  Adrian Mikhalchishin: Prokesh Trick (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.03.31 Georg Mohr: The Attack with the Opposite-Colored Bishops (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.03.31 Georg Mohr: The Principle of the Second Weakness (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.04.28 Jeroen Bosch: Euwe's Long Moves (zip) (pdf) (doc)
2010.04.28 Jeroen Bosch: Queen Endings - General Principles (zip) (pdf) (doc)

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