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Otro Invento de Modificaciones al Ajedrez Tradicional

Acabo de leer la noticia que ven en la parte inferior en algunos blogs y otras fuentes en el Internet de otra variante o invento para modificar el ajedrez tradicional al igual que el años anteriores como por ejemplo el tema de ¡Besa a la dama! de Ivanchuk.  En el pasado Raúl Capablanca nos trajo una nueva versión del ajedrez de 10 x 10; Bobby Fischer nos brindó el ajedrez aleatorio de Fischer; Yasser Seirawan ideó una versión con dos piezas nuevas. Los jugadores de ajedrez tienden a inventarse nuevas variantes del ajedrez ya hacia el final de sus carreras como ajedrecistas profesionales. Ahora sale este otro articulo:

Fuente: New chess piece introduced  por NewsBiscuit

Enlace: http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2010/10/09/new-chess-piece-introduced/

New chess piece introduced
The MonkThe World Chess Federation today unveiled the new chess piece that they hope will revive flagging interest in the ancient board game. Fears that teenagers were more interested in Playstation games such as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Gangs of London’ had persuaded the WCF to update the once-popular game.

After much controversy and anticipation, the new piece will be known as ‘The Monk’. There were gasps as the piece was unveiled before the world’s media by former Grand Master Uri Yelanov and Carol Vorderman.

‘It is very exciting,’ said Yelanov. ‘The monk can move three spaces horizontally or diagonally and occupies the starting positions of the middle two pawns that the monks now replace. Suddenly chess is as exciting as Playstation!’

However, traditionalists were highly critical of changing any of the pieces at all, as well as the plan to put sponsors’ names on the chests of the king and queen. Others have criticised the monk as being too conservative. Ideas that were rejected by the World Chess Federation included ‘the Archer’, which allowed you to cheat, the Tardis, which could go back in time and undo stupid moves you did ten minutes ago, and ‘the B52’, which allowed you to blow up all your opponents pieces before the game had even started.

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