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Why Karpov and Why Not Kirsan

Why Karpov and Why Not Kirsan

September 25, 2010
The campaign is nearly over and we wanted to present a concise summary of the reasons Anatoly Karpov deserves every delegate’s vote for FIDE President. We are confident you will find the evidence is overwhelming. 15 years is enough! It is time to unite behind our Champion of Change, Anatoly Karpov!
There is still time to join the winning team! Contact Richard Conn Jr, candidate for FIDE Deputy President: rconn@karpov2010.org

Why Karpov

Why Not Kirsan

  • Anatoly Karpov, the 12th world champion, has dedicated his life to chess and is living legend around the world.
  • Can give chess and FIDE a new start by returning power to the federations, maintaining “one federation one vote”, and putting professionals in charge of business and management.
  • Will eliminate all federation fees and build commercial sponsorship.
  • A $4 million dollar development package to promote the game and create sponsorship, especially in the Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
  • Has assembled a strong ticket and a remarkable board of advisors that includes top executives, financial experts, and diplomats.
  • Will put chess back on the map with events in global capitals and up-and-coming regions where they will get the attention they deserve.
  • The internet will be used to unite the federations and the players, as well as become a source of revenue for FIDE to share with the federations.
  • UNICEF Ambassador with decades of experience in program development.
  • Launched dozens of chess schools around the world with a curriculum that can be adapted worldwide.
  • Kirsan Ilyumzhinov called chess his “hobby”. He was recently pressured out as president of Kalmykia.
  • 15 years of broken promises. Failed commercial projects, cancelled and postponed events, unhappy players, and a development program that uses money for political influence.
  • Never developed a business model. Federations that receive FIDE aid pay more in fees.
  • A personal reputation that has caused humiliation for chess and made serious commercial sponsorship impossible. In the news for scandals, outrageous statements, and meetings with aliens.
  • No growth in key areas of scholastic chess, the internet, and big events are held in places with no attention.
  • Contract with CNC company gives away FIDE’s commercial rights to an group that may include Ilyumzhinov and/or his board members.
  • His ticket is the same group that has done so much damage for so long. It is time for a fresh start.

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