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Karpov2010 Demands Ilyumzhinov Ticket’s Documents

After the Karpov2010 team submitted all nominating documents to the FIDE Secretariat, we requested to see all of the documents of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s ticket. Making all of these documents on both sides public is one way to mitigate the obvious conflict of interest created when Kirsan’s team is in charge of examining and approving these important papers. Additionally, there are multiple irregularities and falsities in the statements published on Ilyumzhinov’s campaign site that needed to be addressed.
Mr. Conn’s simple request was refused and the irregularities and false statements remain, so the next step was taken – drafting a formal request with the international law firm White & Case, which is representing the Karpov2010 campaign. After investigating the available evidence, their attorneys point out many discrepancies and contradictory positions, as well as illustrating the conflict of interest and resulting abuse of FIDE powers already present in the campaign. It was submitted to FIDE on July 2 and receipt in several offices has been confirmed. The White & Case letter, with appendices, can be downloaded here.
Legal action is a step we will take with regret, but we have no choice if Ilyumzhinov and his campaign continue to publish misleading statements and if his administration continues to abuse the power of the incumbency to delegitimize the election process. FIDE has rules and Ilyumzhinov is not above them. They must provide evidence of the legitimacy of their candidacy, and this legitimacy cannot be bestowed by the candidates themselves.
Below find:
  • July 2 letter from White & Case to FIDE Executive Director David Jarrett – [link]
  • June 30 open letter from Anatoly Karpov correcting false statements by FIDE and the Ilyumzhinov campaign regarding the Russian nomination. – [link]
  • June 29 email from Richard Conn Jr. to David Jarrett requesting copies of the Ilyumzhinov ticket’s documents. – [link]
  • Complete copies of the Karpov2010 ticket’s nominating documents, as submitted to FIDE. – [link]

The complete letter from White & Case and supporting documents are available for download in this PDF (1MB).
Letter by Anatoly Karpov correcting the false statements regarding the Russian nomination.

Letter from Richard Conn Jr. requesting Ilymzhinov’s ticket’s documentation:

Submitted documentation of the Karpov2010 ticket, plus index.

All Karpov2010 nominating documents can also be downloaded in a PDF format here (3MB).

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