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Cyprus President Christofias Supports Karpov

During a trip to the beautiful island of Cyprus, Anatoly Karpov met with President Dimitris Christofias. The President offered his full support to Karpov’s efforts to win the presidency of FIDE and reform the chess world.
Karpov gave a simultaneous exhibition during his visit and also gave several interviews. Here are several excerpts from his talk with the Russian-language paper Evropa Kipr.
It is not easy to fight against a team that has been in charge of FIDE for 15 years. First of all, many people simply do not believe you can win. The second problem is that people are scared, they are constantly under threat, and that’s hard. I am traveling extensively and meeting many people who receive nothing from FIDE, but they are still afraid of something. The conversations we have are remarkable:

“What have you received from FIDE?” – “Nothing.” – “And you are still afraid?” – “Yes.” – And what are you afraid of?” – “We are afraid.”

It recalls the Stalin era of the USSR. It is a surprisingly common phenomenon. How can you be afraid of the head of the international chess federation? What can he do? At most, to prevent you from hosting an event. But most places don’t host any events anyway, so why be afraid?
What can you offer small federations, such as Cyprus?
If and when I win, then contact with me and my office will not only be just once every four years — it will be permanent. We will solve problems for the federations, conduct general training seminars for coaches, trainers, and arbiters. These are programs I have been working on for 22 years and they will apply to countries both small and large.
It is very important to repeal or reduce title payments for many federations. Why are these fees imposed, just to collect money from the federations, including the smallest ones? The meaning of FIDE is to bring the national federations and the players, not extract money from them.
Facts from the article:
  • Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has never visited Cyprus
  • FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos is Greek and has never visited Cyprus. Upon hearing of Karpov’s visit he did not waste time and went to campaign for Ilyumzhinov on Sunday.
  • For Karpov, it is easier to name the countries he hasn’t been to than the ones he has.

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