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FIDE World Chess Campionship

FIDE World Chess Championship Opening Ceremony
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 17:53
groupThe opening ceremony of the FIDE World Chess Championship match between Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov had started at 17:00 CET as per schedule. More than 20 TV crews and about 100 journalists were present for the ceremony. Full photo gallery. At the beginning there was a minute of silence in the memory of the former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch, who passed away in Barcelona. After the introduction, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Organizing Committee Boiko Borisov was invited to give a speech. He greeted the players, guests and journalists, highlighted the importance of the match for Bulgaria and entire chess world, and wished luck to both players. His excellency Ambassador of India was next speaker. He also wished luck to both players and said "Let the better player wins!". FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also greeted the guests gathered in the playing hall. After his speech, the promotional video of India has started.
kirsan_neikov FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Bulgaria Sports Minister Svilen Neikov
anand_opening_cer Vishy Anand and Indian delegation
In the video block, films about Anand and Topalov, their biographies and careers, were presented. To the delight of everyone present in the Military Club, the two players were invited on the stage. After the handshake between Anand and Topalov, the microphone was given to the Chief Arbiter Mr. Nikolopoulos, who elaborated the regulations. In the drawing of lots, Veselin Topalov picked the box which carried White pieces. This means that he will have White pieces in the first game which is scheduled for Saturday, 24th April.
borisov Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Organizing Committee Boiko Borisov giving a speech
kirsan_ilyumzhinov_speech FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov during his speech

World Championship postponed – by one day

1.04.2010 – "I have consulted with all the parties to try and resolve the 'force majeure' situation," writes FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos. "It is clear that we have reached an impasse in the discussions and a decision must be made." And made it he did: a one-day postponement of the match, with the first game now scheduled for Saturday, 24th April 2010. Letter to the Prime Minister.

Hon. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov Chairman of Organising Committee of FIDE World Championship Match 2010 Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia, 21 April 2010

Dear Hon. Prime Minister, In my capacity as FIDE Supervisor for the World Championship Match 2010, I have consulted with all the parties to try and resolve the “force majeure” situation which has arisen these last few days. It is clear that we have reached an impasse in the discussions and a decision must be made. I also requested a meeting with you, but I was informed, that unfortunately this was not possible.

After reviewing the World Champion’s request for a three day postponement, I understand that this would create enormous difficulties for the Organisers. Similarly, starting the match on Friday 23rd would cause enormous difficulties for the World Champion. I appreciate that whilst the one day postponement may cause some problems, it is justified by the circumstances that the whole world faced last week and ensures a fair play situation for both players.

Therefore, in accordance with chapter 7.4 of the match regulations as well as article 2.4 of our 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, I would like to inform you that the 1st game of the match will be postponed by 1 (one) day to start on Saturday, 24th April 2010, for the following reasons: a) As a result of the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland which caused the cancellation of thousands of flights from most European airports, including Sofia, we faced serious problems, not only with the late arrival of World Champion Vishy Anand in Sofia but also with the late arrival of FIDE officials and principals of the match. It is obvious that this is an "Event of Force Majeure" [pages 2 and 12 (article 11) of our 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement] which has resulted in an unfair position for World Champion Vishy Anand as he has not taken full benefit of the seven-days period (article 8.2 of our 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement) in order for him to acclimatize to the conditions and ensure that all his team will be organised to support him logistically and technically in the match. b) According to the 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, the final inspection of the match was to be held on the 18th April 2010, five (5) days before the 1st game (article 3.9). This deadline was not followed due to the Organiser’s delay and it has been agreed by all parties that the final inspection will be held on the morning of the 21st April 2010. Therefore a postponement is also needed in order to secure that all organisational requirements will be met in the remaining three days before the start of the match in lieu of the five days originally envisaged for such compliance.

The opening ceremony will not be postponed and will be held on 21st April 2010 as originally planned.

The whole world will undoubtedly appreciate the efforts that Bulgaria has made not only to organize such a prestigious match, but also to find a fair and equitable solution to this problem.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and all your commitment for this match to be organized at the highest level possible. Yours sincerely,

Georgios Makropoulos FIDE Deputy President FIDE Supervisor for the World Championship Match 2010

FIDE World Chess Championship Match Print
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 04:29
mc-7The FIDE World Chess Championship match between the reigning World Champion Viswanathan Anand of India and his challenger Former World Champion Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria is set to start on the 21st April with the official opening ceremony. The match is taking place at the Central Military Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. The total prize fund 2.000.000 EUR, full regulations can be found here, the updated playing schedule is posted bellow. Viswanathan Anand won the World Championship in 2000 under knockout system and held the title until 2002. In 2007 he reclaimed the throne by winning the double round-robin World Championship tournament in Mexico. He successfully defended the title in the match against Vladimir Kramnik, which was held in 2008 in Bonn, Germany. Veselin Topalov became the World Champion after winning the first double round-robin World Championship Tournament in 2005 in San Luis, Argentina. He lost the title in 2006, following the unification match against Vladimir Kramnik in Elista, Russia. He again earned the right to challenge the World Champion by winning the 2009 match versus Gata Kamsky. Anand has arrived to Sofia by car and asked for a three day postponement. Closed German airspace prevented him from flying by plane. FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos in his capacity of FIDE Supervisor for the match decided to postpone the first game for one day. The final inspection took place on Wednesday morning, followed by the press conference with both players. Official website / Photo gallery April 21 - 18.00 EEST (15.00 UTC) - Official opening April 24 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 1 April 25 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 2 April 26 - Rest Day April 27 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 3 April 28 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 4 April 29 - Rest Day April 30 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 5 May 1 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 6 May 2 - Rest Day May 3 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 7 May 4 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 8 May 5 - Rest Day May 6 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 9 May 7 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 10 May 8 - Rest Day May 9 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 11 May 10 - Rest Day May 11 - 15.00 EEST (12.00 UTC) - Game 12 May 12 - Rest Day May 13 - Tie breaks
anand_arrives World Champion Anand arrives to the Military Club
fide_officials FIDE Officials and Arbiters in front of the playing hall
topalov_test Veselin Topalov testing the chair and table
press The first press conference with two players
table The new table was installed before the final inspection

Source: FIDE America

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