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Dominguez and Bruzon draw at the start of Capablanca Memorial 2009


the closed tournaments follow a similar pattern in day 1

leinier dominguez

GM Lazaro Bruzon and GM Leinier Dominguez played a friendly game in the first round of the Capablanca Memorial. It was a 20 moves Ruy Lopez that finished in a draw. Similar was the game between Savchenko and Timofeev, who also divided the point in a 25 moves Queen gambit. Khekin and Meier followed suit and drew a 12 move Slav game to complete a peaceful start at the Capablanca Memorial.

Round 2 expects a much stronger fight, as the nations on the boards in the Elite group mix up. Dominguez, winner in 2008, will have again the white pieces and will be seeking a necessary victory against the solid Igor Khekin. In other games Bruzon will face Savchenko and Meier will play with Timofeev.

The premier group (introduced for the first time this year) the events were not much different, although the chess was much more fighting. GM Neuris Delgado and GM Emilio Córdova (45 moves, French), as well as GM Vladimir Potkin and Yuniesky Quesada (52 moves, Queen Indian) drew their matches. GM Holden Hernández had health problems and his game with GM Fidel Corrales was postponed.

The most interesting games of the day happened in the Open tournament. 32 out of the 43 games finished with decisive results (expect all details later on One of the most interesting games was Plinio Pazos - Omar Almeida, a Trompovsky attack that finished in 109 moves with a victory for Pazos. The young player from La Habana, Dennys Ordúñez, managed to surprise IM Ernesto Real de Azúa. The other top players won their games, except GM Walter Arencibia who drew with Juan Carlos Obregón.

Elite group

1.- GM Leinier Domínguez (CUB-2721) 2.- GM Igor Khenkin (GER-2630) 3.- GM Artyom Timofeev (RUS-2667) 4.- GM Boris Savchenko (RUS-2655) 5.- GM Georg Meier (GER-2641) 6.- GM Lázaro Bruzón (CUB-2617)

Round 1

GM Leinier Domínguez - GM Lázaro Bruzón 1/2-1/2 GM Artyom Timofeev - GM Boris Savchenko 1/2-1/2 GM Igor Khenkin - GM Georg Meier 1/2-1/2

Round 2

GM Leinier Domínguez - GM Igor Khenkin GM Lázaro Bruzón - GM Boris Savchenko GM Georg Meier - GM Artyom Timofeev

Premier group

1.- GM Fidel Corrales (CUB-2574) 2.- GM Neuris Delgado (CUB-2572) 3.- GM Vladimir Potkin (RUS-2621) 4.- GM Yuniesky Quesada (CUB-2596) 5.- GM Emilio Córdova (PER-2543) 6.- GM Holden Hernández (CUB-2573)

Round 1

GM Neuris Delgado - GM Emilio Córdova 1/2-1/2 GM Vladimir Potkin - GM Yuniesky Quesada 1/2-1/2 GM Fidel Corrales - GM Holden Hernández (postponed)

Round 2

GM Fidel Corrales - GM Neuris Delgado GM Holden Hernández - GM Yuniesky Quesada GM Emilio Córdova - GM Vladimir Potkin

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